Total Rewards

In today’s dynamic pharmaceutical climate, our success is the result of a forward-thinking leadership team and some of the best talent in the industry. To help make your best better, we’ve designed a rewards program that recognizes and rewards top performance.

Our Total Rewards Program provides a strategic framework, which outlines the goals of your position, how you will be empowered to meet them, and how your individual rewards will be determined. We use a pay-for-performance model, designed to reward and recognize your individual performance and contribution to our corporate objectives. Our Lifestyle Solutions offer you first-class benefits to meet your diverse personal and family needs.

Rewarding Performance

In addition to your base compensation, we offer you a Variable Pay Plan that rewards your contribution in meeting clearly defined goals. This annual award is based upon your performance, and its impact on helping us achieve measurable objectives such as annual financial targets, as well as functional unit goals. Your success in these areas is paired with your individual performance to determine your specific award payment.

Lifestyle Solutions

Our commitment to, and investment in our people are the foundation of our Lifestyle Solutions program. We provide innovative and valuable ways to get top quality benefits coverage and save for retirement, while developing solutions that meet your lifestyle needs. Through extensive research and comparison with best practice organizations, we’ve developed a tailor-made program that allows you to customize a package to suit your individual needs.

Some of the features include:

  • Ability to choose the benefits levels and the coverage that best suit your lifestyle
  • Employer contributions to your pension plan
  • Ability to allocate excess benefits credits into a variety of different accounts, such as the Health Care Expense Account or Personal Spending Account
  • Opportunity for additional savings through an Optional Savings Plan
  • Investment choices for your retirement savings

In addition, AstraZeneca recognizes the importance of maintaining a balance between work and personal time. We support our employees through a variety of policies that provide for time off, such as our Vacation and Time Away From Work policies.