Corporate Transparency

At AstraZeneca, we believe it is important to be open about what we are doing to make a meaningful difference to patient health.

We believe in providing information to the public about our company, our products and how we do business as part of our commitment to corporate responsibility and to improving patient health.

Disclosure of Corporate Community Contributions

In 2010, we started publishing reports of our contributions to Canadian charitable and nonprofit organizations. We use contributions as our umbrella term for financial support to charitable and nonprofit organizations contributing to the public good (e.g. donations, sponsorships and partnerships).

We are a member of LBG Canada, a group of companies seeking to maximize the impact of community investment by setting the standard for reporting in Canada. We are also proud to be recognized as an Imagine Caring Company.

View the reports below.

Note:  Community Support Contributions reports are posted annually in June.

Transparency around Clinical Trials

At AstraZeneca, we are committed to meeting patient needs through innovative medicines and clinical excellence. We conduct clinical trials to help determine the safety and efficacy of new medicines. In line with our Group Corporate Responsibility Policy on transparency, we are committed to open communication of information on AstraZeneca’s clinical trials. Visit our Clinical Trials website to see details of new and ongoing clinical trials sponsored by AstraZeneca.