Adolescent Health

Addressing Canada’s most pressing healthcare issues requires new ways of thinking and new ways of collaborating if we want to improve health outcomes for the next generation.

It’s one reason we are focused on adolescence and on preventing the most common non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and respiratory disease – through community and school-based programs that empower youth to make healthy choices.  We can’t do this alone, so we’ve partnered with leading organizations to engage youth, participate in policy dialogue, deliver on-the-ground programming and evaluate our progress.

Young Health Program - Canada

Since 2008, we have provided more than $6M in support of programs that encourage physical activity, healthy eating and emotional wellness in children and youth, helping our kids grow up healthy. Visit our Canadian Young Health Program website to learn more.

Young Health Program Partners

At My Best

Here in Canada, the core of our Young Health Program is At My Best®, a school-based public health intervention that helps young people establish healthy habits.  Co-founded by AstraZeneca Canada and Physical and Health Education (PHE) Canada in 2008, the program now reaches more than 120,000 children and youth each year in more than 5,500 schools across the country.

In 2015, we launched At My Best 2.0, a three-year project to evaluate the effectiveness, accessibility and impact of this school-based public health intervention in more vulnerable communities.

Young Health Program – Global

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) –such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart and respiratory disease – are responsible for an estimated 38 million deaths each year.  We believe we can have an impact and reduce the burden of disease on the next generation of adults by focusing on youth today.  We work with over 30 expert organisations, combining on-the-ground programmes, research and advocacy to target the four most prevalent risk factors for NCDs: tobacco use, alcohol abuse, lack of exercise and unhealthy eating.  So far, we have reached over 1.4 million young people in more than 20 countries. Over 14,000 young people have been trained to share health information with their peers and over 12,000 frontline health providers have been trained in adolescent health.  Find out more on the AstraZeneca Young Health Programme website.

The ACT Foundation’s High School Training Program

We have been a proud supporter of the ACT Foundation’s High School CPR Training program since its inception in 1985. The High School CPR program is a leading example of the work community organizations are doing to increase healthcare capabilities in a sustainable way. Available in 80% of the high schools across Canada, the program has trained more than 3.2 million youth. We all know that Cardiac emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time. Once a young person is equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond in this kind of situation, they can save a life.