COVID-19: How AstraZeneca Canada is Responding

A Vaccine Made for the World

Together with our partners, we have now released for supply 2.6 billion doses of our COVID-19 vaccine, Vaxzevria, to more than 180 countries across seven continents.

Supplying vaccines to stop the spread of COVID-19 worldwide is one of the greatest scientific and logistical challenges ever undertaken, and we are immensely proud of our response. In just over 18 months since forming our partnership with The University of Oxford, and less than 12 months since our first Emergency Use Authorization, our vaccine is estimated to have helped prevent 50 million COVID-19 cases, five million hospitalizations, and helped save more than one million lives.

Importantly, we were the first pharma company to sign up to COVAX and, thanks to our commitment to ensuring broad and equitable access, approximately two-thirds of the 2.6 billion doses have gone to low-income countries and lower-middle-income countries. Our vaccine is truly made for the world!

Yet, our work is far from over. Despite the progress that we and other manufacturers have made, it’s important to recognize that a large portion of the global population is still unprotected, particularly those in developing countries.

The Supply of AstraZeneca Medicines

We continue to monitor the worldwide impact of COVID-19 very closely and have deployed business continuity plans to ensure the continued safety, quality and supply of our medicines. While this remains a very dynamic situation, we have no supply constraints and do not foresee supply interruptions related to COVID-19 in Canada at this time. We continue to work closely with our third-party logistics providers and have a plan in place to support the uninterrupted supply of medicines for Canadians.

Should the situation change, AstraZeneca Canada will post an update promptly to Health Canada’s Drug Shortage site (

Participation in Clinical Trials

Ensuring Canadian patients who are enrolled in clinical trials are able to continue their treatment is a top priority for AstraZeneca. We are making every effort to facilitate continuity of care and support for patients involved in our clinical trials, protecting the health and safety of patients and our employees.

Patient Support Programs

We recognize this is a very worrisome time for many people and we want to assure patients and health care providers that AstraZeneca is taking the appropriate steps to ensure the safe and continuous supply of our medicines to Canadian patients. This includes deploying business continuity plans to facilitate the ongoing care and support of patients accessing treatment through our Oncology Patient Support Program, CONNECT360 Patient Support Program, or Patient Assistance Program, and taking appropriate steps to safeguard the health of patients and medical staff at all program clinics and pharmacies.